Sep 17, 2015

A-Cat Worlds 2015 @Punta Ala: Nick Bowers take for DNA

Top Film maker Nick Bowers was hired by the effort of Bailey White and others including DNA / Holland Composites who are presenting the Video.

The only little problem they didn't got him a rib, so with Felix Egner we took him for a ride own our chartered one the first day he was at Punta Ala.
The guys behind this clip should thank in a very special way to Andy Scheurer / Scheurer Bootwerft on Andy kindly putting his own rib he brought from Switzerland and driving Nick around the Course to take some of these great shots.
On courtesy to Andy Scheurer services they should have included a G7 shot

It is mainly a DNA driven footage, But good to see the battle between Glenn & Mischa that were just Epic along the fleet racing and the venue, here Nick got a privileged view of those great Match Races. Also great shots to see the fleet numbers. 160 in two fleets. Good to have him recording this Historical Worlds from above.

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