Sep 8, 2015

Worlds 2015. D2, Mischa Heemskerk & Glenn Ashby: Redefining the A Class

All Images MV / - Just a teaser. Lots of material today including Nick Bowers special drone cam. Nick was hired by the effort of Bailey White and others including Holland Composites, the little problem was he didn´t had a rib.., so with Felix Egner we offered him to get on ours, not much power on the 40hp but enough to get some incredible footage from Glenn Ashby & Mischa Heemskerk. Additional pics at IACA fb page.

From the races I could saw Glenn was way ahead, but Mischa? Well, he overlaped some boats and we elapsed a 15mins gap on the final upwind (where he was foiling too), plus the downwind margin you had a 30min diff over the rest of the top guys.

The last info I have before leaving the club is that the race was cancelled , as Mischa got 30mins ahead of the second. But it was cancelled on the overtime for the second place.
Later official results as they are pending, and it is a shame they will cancel Mischa's race, nobody's fault, too hard on the rest which were working hard to get around a tricky course race.
More pics and reports later too but all that is secondary regarding what these two guys are doing at Punta Ala waters. Again: History in the Making is the best word to define what we witnessed today.

Not much to add for now. Interview with Mischa later, tomorrow with Glenn.
Stay tuned for Nick Bowers footage....

Updated Results for Day 2, Glenn Ashby & Mischa Heemserk lead after 3 races. Two races held in each fleet today, but only one race computed for each group on a cancellation and a protest for each fleet respectively:

Below Mischa's comments on Day 2: