Aug 4, 2015

Gitana Team foiling MOD70

Photo Ivan Zedda / Gitana Team. Last year when we talked with Jules Verne Trophy record holder, Loick Peyron, foiling across the Globe was put over the table. Now with Gitana Team test on the VPLP MOD70 is clear next JV Trophy attempt will be done on a flying Tri. Details on Gitana's project at their web web:

On past Paul Larsen interview the full flying boat also arose , so it is clear in some years we will be seeing Multis sailing in a three stage sailing mode: From floating  to foiling, to full airborne a few cms above sea level with occasional touch and go for altitude control check. Paul's Vestas Rocket is almost there.

Just like the Boeing Pelican (render left) project and past Russian ground effect aircraft, but with an added vertical Wing/Soft sail to maintain Wind power of course...

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