Aug 22, 2015

A-Cat Dutch Nats 2015, Day 2: 5 Bullets for Heemskerk over Ashby

Image courtesy of Henk de Graad. - I've Been following the A-Catrs for some years, even before starting to sail them, reporting on  almost every single regatta world wide, and I cannot remember right now any single one where Ashby was denied a bullet 5 times in a row.

Mischa Heemskerk started sailing As at 2011 Worlds in Aarhus, and he already showed lots of potential which peak at Isla Morada 2012 where he was crowned World Champ over Landy in a pre hurricane wind event.
At Takapuna 2014 he didn´t had a good regatta and later didn´t attended Bordeaux 2014 Europeans,
Confirmed this year for Punta Ala Worlds in 2 weeks Mischa is sailing at Hellecat 2015 Dutch Nats with a non standard rig tested some time ago with not much results due to poor light wind performance.

Yesterday at Hellecat they held two races in light  winds and Mischa scored 5 & 4 , he is not a light wind specialist either way, but today with more breeze and having Glenn Ashby as the highest benchmark possible in an A-Cat regatta, Mischa smoked the day in perfect 9-11knots conditions and scored 5 consecutive bullets over Glenn, showing his equipment is responding in a great way.

Lets see tomorrow and also conditions at Punta Ala, but Ashby must be worried right now, as he still has to wonder how Brewin and the Swiss Scheurer Camp might have for the Worlds. Glenn &Mischa are sailing the same DNA / Z boards, L rudders platform , the main big difference is Heemskerk windsurfer rig/sail.

On their annual meeting the Dutch Assoc voted to keep Rule 8 in place, as Australia already did. The US bid might have trouble getting 2/3rds at Punta Ala.
Check more updates plus some impressive flights from Ashby in super light winds and Mischa with more breeze at IACA FB page:

Top 5 after 7 Races. Full results at Dutch Assoc FB:
1- Mischa Heemskerk Z DNA (5),4,1,1,1,1,1 Tot 9pts
2- Glenn Ashby Z DNA (3),1,2,2,2,2 Tot 11pts
3- Sjoerd Hoekstra 6,2,4,4,6,(8),5 Tot 27pts
4- Roland Weltholt (10),6,3,5,6,4,4 Tot 28 pts
5- PJ Dwarshuis (ocs),8,6,6,3,3,3 Tot 29pts