Jul 2, 2015

Foiling Week 2015: Day 1 Racing & New OD Moth Launched

Moths, FP, Stunt 9, Kite Foil all sailing at Fraglia Vela Malcesine, Lake Garda, Italy
Pictures at foilingweek.com/photos-and-video/photos/one-design-races-day-1/

A new OD Moth style foiler has been launched by Andrew McDougall , MACH2 designer, the 'WASZP' I like the the ability to  raise rudder and main foil, that's a more practical solution that having to launch at should deep on current Class legal Moths.  Video of his presentation below.

Press Release sent by Domenico Boffi  – Malcesine Lake Garda, July, 1st 2015
The WASZP unveiled
Last year at the Foiling Week Andrew McDougall presented the development process that started back in 2010 to a keen audience and decided the TFW Forum would be the perfect place to let the WASZP hatch: “Foiling week just rocks, because it brings sailors and designers together to exchange ideas and of course race at a beautiful spot.”

Today, Andrew McDougall launched his latest creation, the WASZP, at the foiling week.  Compared to his Mach2 foiling Moth, this single-handed, one design foiler is accessible to a wider range of sailors in terms of cost, weight and skill. The choice of three rigs provides options for 40 to 100 kilo sailors and the adjustable wings that fold up for storage also translate into a stable platform for beginner foilers to advanced racers. 

The retractable alloy foils make launching and retrieving as quick and easy as any other dinghy. Sailors will find that even in non foiling conditions, this new boat is fast and fun to sail and race. The aim is to quickly establish the WASZP as an ISAF international manufacturer controlled class and make it a fun racing class with new disciplines.

More information on the WASZP http://www.waszp.com
TFW Forum
At the Forum designers and builders meet the sailors to share their ideas, projects and achievements. A meeting to exchange ideas, evaluate, compare solutions and develop concepts.

More about the programme: www.foilingweek.com/about/the-tfw-forum/
All presentations will be available online on the 8th July 2015.
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