Jul 12, 2015

F18 Worlds: Mischa Heemskerk will sail the Scorpion/F18 Open Project

Just a teaser report as Jasper couldn´t get shots of Mischa sailing today. -- After years of work and thanks to Ralph Moolenaar, Ronan Currid, Francesco Moretei, Sanyi Roka and Andrew Gallagher  that got involved in the F18 Open Project when I launched the idea in Apr 2012, plus the latest Cad 'sanding' work by Marc Menec and the key drive, hard work , knowhow and full construction investment made by Jakub Kopylowicz , this great project has become a reality.

Extremely proud of what we've achieved, and reading back the first post we can say goals are fulfilled by far offering a cost effective F18 platform build by a renown yard like Exploder. Hull plans will be release soon,

Check that first post and the comments I made on who would built it back then! (Apr 12).
Having Mischa Heemskerk sailing at Kiel 2015 Worlds is like too much ...!  for an incredible first stage project closure.

A new F18 is born, and the info I got it is not the only new ´baby´ Mischa will get.

Photo below Carrie Howe, head of Magic Marine Marketing  helping her husband to assembly the new boat.
All images courtesy of Jasper van Staveren. Just a teaser report , full details tomorrow after receiving sailing pics of the first day of racing. Boat is been launched this week and ultimate goal is BA 2016 Worlds, anything from Kiel will be a huge Bonus,

Rest of the fleet Sunday's training  by Jasper in previous post.
Official Worlds website at f18worlds.kyc.de/
Tomorrow is Practice Race. NOR & Schedule at f18worlds.kyc.de/index.php/official-noticeboard/notice-of-race/