Jul 17, 2015

F18 Worlds 2015 @Kiel, Day 4: Larsen-van West dominated in the breeze

All Images Jasper van Staveren , Great portfolio by Jasper, one of his best yet, full gallery at F18 FB.  He will be also tomorrow taking some high speed shots, 20knots is the forecast for Saturday, final day of the event. --
Fourth Day of racing at Kiel with Gunnar and Fer simply dominating the fleet in the entire range of wind conditions, scoring bullets in 5 to +20knots, showing extreme versatility , same applies for the Nacra Infusion. 

Oskar Zeekan & Charlie Begemman (Vice Champs 2012) are not that far behind though, 5 pts after they won last race and the leaders finished 5th. In that race Gunnar & Fer might have secured great chances for the title , as they were 'trailing back' in 16th place, their recovery was impressive, World Champs style.

Glenn Ashby & Brett Goodall on the C2 are 3rd overall, mixed day for them on 20,2&2  with that initial score for the day got them a little back for the title race tomorrow. 

Still much can happen with another 20knots day expected and 3 races left.

Feel for Mike Easton & Tripp Burd who were forced out on today's 3 races,

they were firm contenders for the crown. Nevertheless the US Champs and the Falcon built by Matt McDonald showed the 100% US boat was upto the challenge for the F18  WC,  their sails are North Sail US. No more chances in Kiel but  we will receive them at Buenos Aires next year for another chance.

Mitch & Ruben Booth had issues with the boat too and had to return to shore as many others including the Arg team who later returned (as Booth) and scored a great 6th in the last race after being 2nd great part of the race.

Mischa & Francesco weren´t able to complete a race today on spi tack lines issues on the F18 OP,
a pity too cause it was a great day for them to show their speed as shown in R2, Mischa reports in his Fb:  "Today was a hard one. On time on the race track, broke our tackline had to sail back and miss 1st race. Running on shore to fix with 3 guys. Second race great speed but on the last downwind leg broke tack line again. Today great speed but only letters on the result list. Now ready for tomorrow."

F18 Worlds Day 4 Tracking replay at tractrac.com/index.php?page=eventpage&id=558
Top ten below. Full results here

NrSail NumberSkipper / Boat NameQ1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6F1-R7F2-R8F3-R9TN
1NED 1866Gunnar LARSEN - van West23215(84.0)BFD11510420
2NED 2Oscar ZEEKANT - Begemann3-664152313125
3AUS 313Glenn ASHBY - Goodall36561-1520226045
4NED 4Jorden VEENMAN - de Waard61394-112310178473
5FRA 733Antoine FERREC - delaPlace6-351220610951611984
6FRA 2217Solune ROBERT - Perron2316184-4114611714099
7GER 310Helge SACH - Sach248(84.0)BFD241132228186102
8NOR 27Tim SANDBERG - Beyer-3125191944101414140109
9FRA 901Emmanuel BOULOGNE - Fanoulliere3611913-46215610157111