Jul 24, 2015

AC45 'F' Series @Portsmouth: Official Racing begins Saturday 25

'Live' images from today by Gilles Martin Raget / ACEA, click for HQ -  On Friday only practice races will held at at Portsmouth. For Saturday offical racing web Live stream is restricted due to tv broadcasting contracts, so many will be left wondering on the past expanding the horizons for a new Americas Cup motto from last edition, which had an impressive Live stream through the AC45 Series to the AC72 Finals.

On the presentation yesterday Glen Ashby handed Spithill a legal & standard lightweight piece of an AC45 bowsprit , the lower spreader or 'king post'.
Last year Oracle was assigned a -2 races penalty at AC Finals , after Oracle Team was founded guilty of modifying their OD AC45 structure adding lead/weight to specific parts, including the mentioned spreader bar. Check Jury docs at pressure-drop.us/forums/showthread.php?3370-Rule-69-and-The-Dolphin-Striker

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