Jun 8, 2015

Round Texel 2015: Results Rectification & new Overall winners announced: Mandy Mulder & Coen de Koning (Nacra 17)

Image Laurend Morel - / www.saltycolours.com | On Sunday 9:14AM  I published Round Texel results taken from the official website after waiting for a while for them to  be available online. Round Texel organization informed the following:
Overall Positie / Position Startnummer / Start# Boottype Spinnaker Texelrating Team Finishtijd / finish time Gecorrigeerde tijd / corrected time
1 15 prindle 15 (1) Nee / No 125 Matthijs van Assema 3:08:31.00 2:30:49.00
2 165 nacra 17 Olympic Class (2) Ja / Yes 99 Mandy Mulder/Coen De Koning 2:37:01.00 2:38:36.00
3 5 hobie 16 Nee / No 119 Onno Schuitema/Linda Boer 3:09:36.00 2:39:20.00

But hous later It seems  my recomendation on reviewnig ratings for the Prindle and Hobie 16 were taken in account by the Round Texel org as the original results page was deleted, and a new statement & results rectification was published by Texel website explaining that a "Human Error" was the cause of  Matthihs von Assema ( Prindle 15 ) being awarded the 1st overall Texel Rating corrected time position. That was a mistake, the actual winners were  Mandy & Coen.

All good till that point, the only little problem is that afterwards I start looking where on Earth Matthijs von Assema final regatta times were reported or corrected, but I didn´t found them at all.
It was like von Assema was abducted by Aliens.... cause he is nowhere to be seen in the new Results page. 

The new winners are Mandy Mulder & Coen de Koning. Congrats on them, I thought they should have won as stated in my ratings comments.

New Results available at http://roundtexel.com/resultaten-ronde-om-texel-2015-2/
I consulted later with some Dutch friends and they confirmed that only explanation on the change was "Human Error". All OK, S happens, just try to give some more details and tell us which was von Assema's actuial time, he was disqualified or what?

Update: Photo was not from von Assema, you see S happens!  And  it seems he as a DNF, still don´t get how he was awarded a 1st Overall if now has a DNF.
Check "Exceptions" at the end of the Results page http://roundtexel.com/resultaten-ronde-om-texel-2015-2/

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