Jun 23, 2015

New F18 Sails by Simon Northrop

Image Laurens Morel / saltycolours.com / Round Texel || Simon Northrop is long a time F18 sailor and one of the very first followers of CSN back in 2008/09. He runs a local loft in the UK, northropsails.com,  and always sending local info & good vibes, so I was pretty happy for him on his 2015 Texel Dutch Open win , sailing his own designed & built sails. I saw an 'H' logo on them and wondered which sails they were.  Remember two major players in the Class like Soldano & Udin are not making F18 sails any more , reducing the chances for different designs & costs for us sailors, few years ago we had a broad selection to chose from.

Great news then on having Simon offering a new, and now well proven , F18 sail set. Below Simon tells us the background on this new alternative to get specialized F18 sails.:
"Texel was fantastic event as usual with great sailing and even better socials !! I don't know if you are aware but over the last 18 months or so we have been developing, making and using our own F18 sails (under the Hyde sails Kent brand).  The TDO was the first international event for us using a complete set of our sails so we were particularly pleased to win.
We are Hyde local distributor and the F18 sails are my baby and I would love for F18 sailors to take a look on them, as we are very happy with them and definitely very fast !!"

To contact Simon go to northropsails.com/index.html

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