Jun 23, 2015

Nacra 17s@ Kiel Week 2015: Day 4

Awesome streaming once more by Kiel Week Org. Stadium Racing??? What is that?  The only thing you need is an average windy venue and this type of Live Streaming, put people in the shore if you want, and add a huge screen for that onsite audience to follow the action as well as remote viewers.

The rookie N17 Argentines had an excellent performance today winning over the  almost untouchable Kohlhoff-Werner, second bullet for the Martinez-Bosco, this will boost their confidence  plus they'll get even more hooked with Multis as both comes from the 29er fleet.
Euge is on her second N17 season though and doing too well for a teenager with not many hours in Multis.

I got really pissed off with local sailing federation when they left her and others without support last year, but she is back and stronger than ever. Great future for her and I hope lesson learned for those managing resources, If you want a future, you better start supporting those putting the hours in current times.

The Germans lead with 8 bullets, Full Results here
Check Nacra race replay at 5:02 video embedded below or at  https://youtu.be/2CjS7qxniVM?t=5h2m6s
Medal Race Link for Wednesday  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOSV6Kzrz7g
Stream Links sent by Andy Rice, waiting this week to see the F18s , and hoping we can have this stream for next

Worlds in the F18 & A-Class.
Below Medal Race Schedule and press release by Andy:
23 June 2015
It was a very mixed bag of weather for Day 4 of Kieler Woche (Kiel Week). After a long and sunny delay waiting for some breeze to fill in, the 49er FX and Nacra 17 catamarans eventually got out on the water for some late afternoon racing.

In the Nacra 17 catamarans, Paul Kohlhoff and Carolina Werner pulled through to their customary lead by the top of the first windward leg. But at the top of the final windward leg, the Germans fell out of the best breeze and could only watch as the fast charging Argentineans - Nahuel Martinez & Eugenia Bosco - surged past in stronger wind from the left-hand side. It was a race-winning move by the South American team, relegating the usually dominant Germans to second at the finish.

While the Dutch team of Annemieke Bekkering and Daniel Bramervaer have a good lead in the 49er FX fleet, today was a chance for other teams to shine. Leonie Meyer and Elena Stoffers took the lead of race 10, but the chasing Dutch used the leeward gate to force a split up the final windward leg.

When the Dutch and Germans converged, it was neck and neck. But Meyer liked the look of a gust on the left, and at the next cross the Germans had re-established a comfortable lead. Meyer and Stoffers would win that race, and the one after, to move up to 2nd overall.

On Wednesday (23 June), it’s Medal Race day for all the Olympic classes. Scheduled for live TV coverage are:
> Medal Races:
> 11:00 - Laser Std. Men
> 11:50 - Nacra 17 Mix
> 12:35 - 49er men
> 13:20 - 49er FX women

Then on Thursday, it’s the start of part 2 of Kiel Week, with the chance for the Corinthian classes to appear on the live YouTube feed.

Thursday 25 June: F18, Hobie 16 & A-Class catamarans
Friday 26 June: Europe, Laser Radial & Laser 4.7 singlehanders
Saturday 27 June: 29er and 420 doublehanders
Sunday 28 June: RS800 and Musto Performance Skiffs

For Wednesday’s live feed (and embed codes) for the Medal Races, use this link:

To look back through the full 3+hour TV feed and previous days of racing at Kiel Week:

For in-depth analysis of all the races at Kiel Week, go to SAP Sailing:

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email: andy@sailingintelligence.com
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