Jun 30, 2015

MV605 Surfski design: Model Wood Work

You can´t ask for more having Pros like Jakub building the new F18 with latest router tech and plenty of building experience, but also viewing the model building process of the Surfski design done the old good way is as rewarding and a joy to see. Wood is the noblest material around and a pleasure to work with. The first F18 model we made here back in 2005 was done the same way as the RC16. Lots of shaping & sanding involved, and mostly final lines are finished by naked eye. My brother builds kayaks here in BA and currently is working again to finish it, my grandfather should be approving with a smile up there...

On this design I had some inquiries from Australia, and one guy in the US is working on it.
The first Wave Piercer SurfsSki / Kayak I saw was Magnus de Brito Point 65 Bourbon Orca.
Nelo has now released an Olympic K1 with a wp profile , but I need to check cross section to see if its pure cosmetics.
In flat water racing I can see a wp bow cross section resutling in less pitch motion on the paddlers movements and cadence, if you look closely to K1s they are constantly submerging and floating up on paddlers rythm , specially at the start. Thus a flatter bottom section might reduce that providing a better support on the paddling down force and re direct that inertia into a more forward motion.

In any case this wp Surfski is an open water design, I'm an amateur ''designer'' and all my written thoughts have to be taken with that in mind, So in my view this Surski wp shape (cross section mainly as tried to explain in this wp/volume distribution article) might deliver a good paddling drive specially in short chop upwind as well as downwind and surfing chop/waves in open waters, which is basically the mode Surfski races are held.

This is a proto to prove the concept, thus a shorter lenght and little wider for better stability, we made some CFD tests with Ralph Moolenaar against a the reference Epic and results were quite even: catsailingnews.com/2013/03/design-surfski-mv605wp.html. Next project to be built is a Racing 12'6 SUP.