Jun 9, 2015

Flying Phantom Series @Geneve 2015

All Images Alex Udin / Phantom International.  The FP gang went to Geneve to race their OD Series along the D35s & M2s. After results at this year Texel I hope they can be part of that hardcore race in 2016.

Our best local crew and one of the best young talents,, Nico Aragones (F18 Nat Champ x 2, AC45 Wing trimmer 49er Campaigner, F20 rider) went to Geneve on a break from the GC32 tour, he is part of Marazzi's team logistics now, to have a ride on the Flying Phantom. Nico has sailed the locals Nacra F20s but didn´t had the chance to sail the FP here.

With his usual low trap style a la Ashby/Bundock (Pic 1 & 5) he went for a test ride to experience the different handling both boats provide.
Great to have him in Europe making a career, pity we still have a mandatory Mixed Olympic Multi, if not we already had an excellent open young  team ready to embark for 2020.  But I'm sure we will see him sailing in the big leagues sooner or later.

On the FP, check the handling differences between OD boats on the start video above, impressive speed gap followed by a rock solid freeride by Team Tilt in perfect foiling conditions.
Full report on  of Geneve at phantom-international