Jun 28, 2015

F18s @Kiel Week 2015: Helge & Christian Sach 1st

Image: Kiel Week press. The organization provided the best racing stream so far for any beachcat event, they even reached AC level. You wonder how X40s or GC32s cannot provide such coverage. Only little critic is the lack of photos, just a detail for the investment made.
The Sach brothers (Nacra Infusion) are on a mission for the coming F18 2015  Worlds at Kiel beginning July 11th. The best German team and former 2005 World Champs (Held at Germanny sailing a Capricorn) won over Danny Paschalidis- Gustav Dyrssen, also targeting to perform at the next major event, 3rd place for the other German crew with chances to defend the local colors next weeks; Joerg Gosche & Hanns Pegel (Phantom).

With 200 boats the 2015 Worlds are already a success, having Ashby onboard is pure bonus, Glenn wants his own F18 title as helm (he already have a pair crewing for Bundock). Last year along Brett Goodall they had bad luck with hardware failure giving freeway to Larsen & van West to grab the 2014 title at Ireland.

Report by Joerg Gosche: "We were using the SI sails and a Ullman/Pablo kite. Our speed in general was mostly better than the result shows but we are still learning about the Phantom as we were sailing three different F 18 designs (Wildcat, C 2 and now the Phantom) within the last year.
Downwind we had great speed under all conditions. Sach/Sach did the best overall performance and their knowledge about the area paid. Dany and Gustav had some great moments.
All in all it was a good fleet and great racing but of course the Worlds will be much tougher.
We are looking forward to meet the big F18 community here in two weeks. Everything is well prepared."

Check 2015 Worlds Entry List here
Official Website http://f18worlds.kyc.de/
Below top ten for Kiel Week, Full reuslts here

NrSail NumberSkipperClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10TN
1GER 310Helge SACHLYC122-3133-6212415
2GRE 77Dany PASCHALIDIS(dns)16721113-87322
3GER 11Jörg GOSCHECKA74-131(dsq)429439034
4DEN 18Magnus DAHL NICOLAISENKBL4314(ocs)-211987411450
5GER 17Eckart KAPHENGSTSLRV61542(ocs)-176.0DPI76611252
6GER 278René SCHWALLKYC-1178-16487105108659
7GER 276Robert SCHÜTZKEV13520-23(ocs)211211113165
8GER 309Sven LINDSTÄDTYCSO51712(dnf)61084-18512867
9NOR 55Harald BLOM-BAKKEKNS1285611-136119(bfd)12468
10FIN 5Mikko RÄISÄNENHSK2103-2519-2441710912374