Jun 16, 2015

A-Class latest racing Design setup

Heemskerk shots by Jasper van Staveren. Jacek's pic by Klub Żeglarski UKS Navigo , check changes on the A15 platform with no deck 'step' and latest Z foils,

Dna & Exploder have converged in a similar foiling setup with 'Z' boards.The Z board were developed by Dna, and later implemented by Exploder in several versions.

The first successful racing foiling setup was put on the water by Ashby and team NZ at 2014 Worlds, where they grabbed a 2013 Dna platform with J foils and added Paradox L rudder system.

The 'L' rudder was conceived by Martin Fischer already in the Mayfly in 2011, although after the success a Takapuna, they were not used en masse by top riders.

Exploder assym (on plan shape) T winglets were used instead , the default rudder weapon of choice even for the Dna camp, that used Exploder factory system to further develop their Z foil flight, mode achieved by Mischa in 2013 J/Small 'Landy' winglets.
Now Fischer's concept seems to be the choice, I still haven´t sailed them, but a fellow Arg sailor at Garda reported great speed racing at the Europeans Spring at Arco. 

On Post Bordeaux equipment I have sailed past weeks Exp J/Z with combined by 2014 , the difference is already great and I really like the assym Ts, they seem just about right in size & shape. Will sail my friend latest Dna in September to provide a direct feedback. Dna L rudders are built 'one-shot' and autoclave.

So both camps have been using their counterpart solutions and improving them.  Scheurer is developing to and I'm waiting for Sandro to report on their latest innovations, Vision yard in Ned has been working with their flight mode as Piet Saarberg told me days ago. Edit: Spoke with Jacek, he is indeed sailing T rudders again on pics above, L rudders by Exploder first version can be seen in left pic.

With the US/CAN bid to bypass Rule 8 finding support in UK and other associations, we might see official rule changes after Punta Ala Worlds in September which are aready a success with 140 boat already registered , check entry list at aclassworlds2015.it/assets/lista-partecipanti.pdf