May 4, 2015

YCCarnac Eurocat 2015: Formula 18 for Riwan Perron & Solune Robert

Images: YCCarnac gallery. - On Saturday only the F18 went outside, finishing two races.  As Long Distance was cancelled.
Sunday weather got a better and the fleet managed to complete an impressive 7 races considering the weather conditions.

Manu Boulogne & David Fanoulliere lead first two days, but the youth Riwan Perron & Solune Robert prevailed in the end with 4 bullets in the last races to crown themselves Eurocat 2015 Champs. 

Yet another promising French Youth crew , winning over long time top sailors Manu  & JC Mourniac who finished 3rd crewing for Frederic Duthill.

Great work for the Class going out when the rest stayed put. The F18 is still the only 4x4 Class capable of race and sail any condition.

Full results at

Later report on the F16 sent by Gill de Bruyne. Plus results / pics on the foiling boats.