May 1, 2015

Yacht Club Carnac Eurocat 2015: Day 1

Images: Sylvain Huet / YCCarnac & Pierrick Contin -  First day at Eurocat 2015. Good fleet of F18 with  50 boats registered. Manu Boulogne & David Fanouliere lead after 3 races, followed by Duthill-JC Mourniac & Tim Mourniac & Pierre Yves Durand.
F18 Results Here

On the Flying boats Peter Vink reports  at Nacra Sailng FB on the announced two courses with the Nacra F20s, with him, Piggot, Casey , Bellet-Ferrari and Sunnukcs on M20 and 5  FP on other course with Cammas & Besson racing.

"Super cool foiling races today with 10 foiling boats on the start line at Eurocat Carnac sailing on one foiling race course. 5 FP, 4 Nacra F20 Carbon FCS and William Sunnucks on his Marstrom M20 vampire. We had 2 start groups where the fleet had a split between Nacra and FP...."

Check Vink's full report from the F20 races at F20 FB Page. No pics available  yet. Grant Piggott-Adam Kay lead,  Results F20 Here.

On the FP starts Pierrick had some pics, full gallery at FP fb page, no results  available yet

FP Camp report: 
" First day of the Flying Phantom Series Eurocat 2015.

A cloudy day with a wind range between 15 and 20 kts. It was a unique opportunity for the fleet to race in very good conditions and enjoy the first racing day.

1/ Gurvan Bontemps - Benjamin Amiot
2/ Franck Cammas - Antoine Joubert
3/ Sébastien Rogues - Benjamin Lamote ..."

Tomorrow they will race together on the Long Distance.  Forecast looks good early with  30 knots at 17pm. An early start can be done , last year it took 2hrs for Gurvan & Ben to complete the  Raid.
Sunday seems to be raceable too for the experienced crews srting  18knots to complete the course racing stage.

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