May 18, 2015

Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan by Christophe Launay

All images sent by Christophe Launay - , click for HQ Slideshow.  || I've been to Golfe du Morbihan last year at the 2014 Eurocat @Yacth Club Carnac, this place is just amazing, more if combined with Classic wood work. My good friend and F18/ D35 sailor Pierre Le Clainche gets his SUP board rides at this place, check map embedded below.
Christophe Launay "Onboard the Bélouga “Gwenva” during the “ Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan”.
The "Semaine du Golfe" (Gulf's Week) in Morbihan, the 8th "rendez-vous" for the sailing maritime heritage.

Once again, the Gulf gathering boats of every size and every tradition: sail&oar craft, small "camp cruising" boats, classic yachts, fishing boats, classic motorboats… Most of them are coming from the French Atlantic coasts, but also, from The British Islands, the North Sea, Scandinavia, the Mediterranean…

The Gulf of Morbihan is a true inland ‘little sea’ composed of 12 000 hectares of Atlantic sea sheltered from swell. A magical place where sea, land & sky melt in changing & picturesque landscapes. The Morbihan Gulf is part of the World Most Beautiful Bays Club.

In breton language, « Mor-Bihan » means ‘little sea’. Thousands of years ago, when rivers had already dug their beds, they were deluged by Atlantic waters. This is why the Ocean goes so far inland towards Vannes & Auray through typically Breton rias, surrounding former hills which have turned into an archipelago of uncountable islands, the biggest being the Ile d'Arz & the Ile aux Moines."

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