May 29, 2015

Nacra 17s @Delta Lloyd Regatta 2015: Danes lead to the Medal Race

All images Laurens Morel / , full gallery at Delta Lloyd Web |  Surprise leaders at medmblik with two Danes teams leading to the Medal race tomorrow. Lin Ea Cenholt & Christian Peter Lubeck are tied with Allan Nørregaard   & Anette Viborg in 49pts Total. Vaireux, Besson, Bundock and many other top rides behind them. Nice for the Class to have different crews leading .
+25 knots today reported by the Arg 49er team, Lange bros. Today they suspended last race where they were one of the only two teams remaining, as the rest all capsized.
Tomorrow more windy races.
-- Check Gemma Jones & Jason Saunders interview by Andy Rice at

Full results at
Top Ten:
1 Lin Ea CENHOLT & Lubeck Christian
2 Allan NØRREGAARD & Anette iborg
3 Gemma JONES & Jason Saunders
4 Moana VAIREAUX & Manon Audinet
5 Billy BESSON & Marie Riou
6 McNicol EUAN & Lucinda Whitty
7 Darren BUNDOCK & Nina Curtis
8 Ben SAXTON &
9 Matias BÜHLER & Nathalie Brugger
10 Fedrica Salva & Francesco Bianchi