May 8, 2015

Nacra 15 is selected as Youth ISAF Multihull

Nacra 15 has been selected by SAF as new ISAF Youth Multihull as just being informed by Nacra in their FB page. --  I didn´t supported Nacra this time around as with the 17 but you need to recognize their work, in fact they are the only ones pushing forward for all range of Classes: From Youths now with the 15, to the F18 and F20 foilers and was pushing for the F16, not anymore of course. This definitely grounds Hobie as the past leader of the Industry.

So dads go hurry and buy anther new OD Class for the kids, throw those SL16s away.
Great opportunity missed to use current world wide F16 fleet, as the 15' is hull cut version from their own F16, and the F16 had a broader post use than a targeted Youth boat. ISAF as always nailing the whole picture....

I think the 15 is a great little boat though, but not to force top performers Youths to buy it over say

a Nacra F16 for instance. Look how big kids above look sailing the 15.

One thing to say now , that I haven´t being putting much emphasis in the past here in CSN (to support the new Olympic Class) is that I hope the quality of these new ISAF 15's boats surpass by far the feedback I have from the Olympic Nacra 17s, which is, let me say, substandard, as is not possible for riders to be obligated to spent large amounts of $$ to buy from 2 to 4 boats to reach Rio 2016 with a functional ready to race for an Olympic medal.

This is a fact you can check with any Olympic campaigning team.

More coming from 2 campaigns (8yrs) lasting Tornados, making the current N17 one of the most expensive classes in the Olympic arena.

So as always when you put your head in the limelight with an ISAF boat  you are obligated to respond and you are exposed  wide open to critics and praise as I did with the selection of the Nacra 17, and against the Hobie 16 to replace the Tornado.
Important to remark as I already did with first boats is that Nacra has been responding on Customer service for the 17s, but they need to put up with lasting building quality.

With that being said, Congrats to Gunnar, Peter and the Nacra team for another selected ISAF boat.
The Hobie Era has gone, we are now living on the Nacra one!

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