May 26, 2015

German F18: 2015 First two events for Gosche & Pegel

The German F18 fleet is warming engines towards the biggest Formula 18 Worlds ever to be held at Kiel.

Reports sent by Jörg Gosche:
"The 'North-German Championships' where held during the "Kurparkregatta" at Zwischenahn-Lake.

It was a good match between 2014 German Champions Robert Schütz/Sönke Kühl and us.  Two discards entering in play in the last race brought the decision in windy and shifty conditions on the lake,  with puffs up to 28 knots. Competitors from Denmark, Poland, Germany. On the same place in autumn the Int. German Nationals will take place.

2nd 2015 Event: Yesterday the first F 18 Class event on the Baltic Sea: Ostseepokal see: With 34 boats and light easterly winds on the first day and shifty various westerly conditions on the second day it was challenging - for the race committee and the competitors.

Top 3:
1st Jörg Gosche/Hannes Pegel (11), 2,1,2 Phantom F 18
2nd Justus Wolf/Maximilien Said (5),3,2,1 C 2
3rd Eckhard Kapphengst/Tine Kapphengst 1,5,3,(6) Nacra Infusion

Full results at