May 13, 2015

2015 F20 vs FP Race, Florida300, Day 1: Casey-Page lead (Nacra F20FCS)

No racing pics available yet, More info & details Later. - Check  Official Website & their FB page .  They are also offering Live coverage a
Finally one official Long Distance race. This time in Florida US. Casey-Page won with margin first Day of racing at the 2015 Florida 300. Followed at the end of the race by a standard floating Nacra F20 with Newkirk-Whitehurst and 3rd the Flying Phantom with Tomko-Billings.  I need to confirm wind conditions.

Interesting to see the progression, Really good, check it-
- Race Track replay
- Entry & boat List:
- Day 1 Results

Below progression of leadership. Click images to see larger size and references.
Rocket = Nacra F20FCS
Key Sailing = Nacra F20
Lupe Tortilla = Flying Phantom