May 31, 2015

DLR 2015,'Viking Power': Cenholt & Lübeck 1st, Nørregaard & Viborg 2nd

Images Delta Lloyd Regatta / Laurens Morel & Sander van der Borch. Full galleries at Delta Lloyd regatta official website Deltalloydregatta  |  Great work done by the Danes, dominating over historic & current mosnters of the Catracing scene. More considering the windy conditions they had all week.
Lin Ea Cenholt & Christian Peter Lübeck won over their fellow Viking sailors, Allan Norregaard & Annette Viborg. To tell you the truth I don´t much about them, but surely Lars will provide some background on their sailing career.
Denmark already have their slot secured for Rio along 9 others countries as follows: 1 FRA , 2 ARG , 3 AUS ,4 ITA, 5 NZL, 6 SUI, 7 GBR, 8 DEN, 9 AUT, 10 NED. These were obtained at past 2014 Nacra 17 Worlds, 2015 will put 3 more on stake and then only the continentals slots left.

Billy Besson & Marie Riou (going submarine in last pic) had an 'awful' performance at Mdedmblik, finishing in 4th place, what a shame ...!
This of course for those about to post a comment... only a sarcastic way of pointing how Billy & Marie dare to score anyting but all bullets and first overalls?!
Good for the Olympic Class to have this level of competition. The qualifiers by country are going to be tough, with strong teams aiming to represent their Flag. ARG, SUI and maybe little others have only one crew campaigning. 

FRA, AUS, ITA, GBR & DEN, NED teams will face great challengers within their own troop. 
Australia will have 3 contenders now with Euan Mcnichol & Lucinda  Witty placing 5th overall ahead of Bundy & Nina Curtis. Waterhous&Darmanin were not present this time. USA, ESP, PUR & ARU among others are still looking for thier ticket to Rio 2016

- Delta Lloyd Regatta 2015 Full Results at
Next big event for the Nacra 17s are the 2015 Worlds to be held at Viking lands (where else after this weekend results?), more precisely at Sailing Aarhus, venue of the 2011 A-Class words.

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