May 14, 2015

Artemis AC45 'Turbo' @Bermuda

All Images Artemis Racing. Pics For those design fanatics who follow the web. A nice view of Artemis 'Turbo' mods, Click images for HQ. BAR calls theirs just 'F'.  
What a beauty this new AC45 is, getting close to perfection. All functional modifications that brings great refined looks also.
We pointed out them already, but here you can see them better, like beam/case more forward, aero mods, cockpit flare , wheel, grinders etc, and the bowsprit cut like new AC48 Rules. Compare with BAR & Groupama on previous posts.

The question now is are we going to see new foils a la 'Kite' , like the Eagle 20HF?

When Oracle AC72 was launched I referred at it as "Alienware", and beyond the cliche comparison to Starwars,  take a look at Nathan's helmet,..  (I cant believe how good production Designers of that saga were, as their creations still look updated & modern aftet 30 yrs?)

Hey  Remi, you need to launch a new model asap!