Apr 28, 2015

Stunt 9 video & final specs

Image DenisLucci.com /   Michele Petrucci has been innovating for a while now in the recreational foiling ground. But his project has plenty of development to the point where the A-Class R&D might reach his small but more efficient concept. 
Not talking about the T & wand system foils, that can surely be refined to race , but on the overall pacakage &  full foiling cat.
I have many friends here that only want to fly for fun solo, and the current A requires an incredible amount of hours and dedication to make it foil. Great feeling at the end of the road but not everyone can achieve it.

Thus Arno's project of a full foiling A-Cat. In the meantime  Michele is the only offering a full foiling production beachcat as even the FP & F20 are still floating /skimming upwind in the lower wind range.
Michele's work is going to be vital for the next flying As generation.
Check the video for final specs

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