Apr 5, 2015

Hall Spars Admirals Cup 2015: Bailey White Champ

Check Full Report & Pics by Ben Hall & Bailey White published at IACA official website: www.a-cat.org/?q=node/542

I like how the US Fleet members and its President, Bailey White are embracing their local Class, in this current transition times it seems the US fleet is being quite pro active and joining all new designs, developments and crew skills under the same umbrella as the Aussies are doing also.

In my personal view I think is the way to go, 

For instance in the past there have been some silly discussions in the F18 compared to what is going on on the A-Class right now.
Flying it is not a small change  and I can only say what already report on my own learning process and experience at Bordeaux.

In the end the A-Class is truly a development Class and one has to think ahead in the long term and not focus 100% on current status quo,

An objective position tell us that those wanting to race OD in the A-Class are definitely in the wrong Class, this with no relation at all on how things are being managed right now or the  rapid pace of current innovation and R&D.
A simple question on why they didn´t freeze development with short straight boards comes to mind to contrast any ultra conservative point of view.

One Class has to lead beachcat development, common sense dictates: It is going to be the A-Class or another will take its place.

I do not have a crystal ball though on future numbers of members or regatta attendance, the only certain thing is if you are gonna play this game , you'd  better have the attitude the US fleet is showing.

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