Apr 29, 2015

G4 @Antigua Sailing Week 2015

The G4 keeps charging on what she was built for, 'wiping out' a 117 boat fleet at Antigua Sailing Week a la Herreshoff
If you want slow super stable cruising cat you have Lagoon and many others, If you want to have some good spartan comfort to sleep , have a dinner with friends and next morning go for round the Island Racing in the Caribbean and win races over hundreds boats, then the G4 is for you. Again the boat itself defines its target. Is a no brainer for the 100% targeted possible buyers. 
Check last week capsize from an onboard cam view here.

Full results at http://www.yachtscoring.com/event_results_detail.cfm?Race_Number=5
Antigua Official web https://www.sailingweek.com/v4/

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