Apr 21, 2015

Eagle Cat 20 Hydro Foiler

This might be the first set of foils aiming to what kites are doing on refining the foiling wings. Also windsurfing boards have a super stable ride with similar setup, no wands, but  full body trim & control , which is difficult to replicate (the crew influence on the flight by body dynamics) on a 20' double handed cat, but I think on a Stunt 9 things can get interesting.

Nevertheless the Eagle team seems to have achieve some quite stable flight as reported by Roland, will be interesting to see a video next. Kudos to Eagle for innovating that path that in my view could

be really efficient even in racing arenas in the future.
The yard  has a long time reputation on building high quality cats, The great Beto Pandiani has used Eagles for his ocean crossings for instance.

Pics, Specs and report sent by  Michael Ehlers & Heiner Wolfshoefer
To conctact Eagle check  www.eagle-cat.com  & www.facebook.com/eagle.cat.39

Stadelner Str. 27 , D-91735 Muhr am See
Germany  -  email: catstadl(at)aol(dot)com  Tel.: +49 (0) 9831 50 16 9
Report from Roland , Below Specs & Prices.

- World premiere for the first German foiling catamaran. -
"We had the chance to test the new Eagle 20 HF on Altmuehlsee at Nuremberg, Germany on a beautiful sailing day.

We were thrilled! It's lots of fun and it gives you sensational sailing experience.
Everything is built in  Carbon (Hull, beams, mast, boom and foils), obtaining an Ultra-light (155kg total with sails) and a very stable platform (extra-wide carbon beams).

The Rig has alternative for a huge Code Zero and / or smaller Gennaker as optional.

They provide also two foil / daggerboard configurations. First, you can fly with the new foils and you can also simply take off the foils and sail standard with straight daggerboard and rudder profiles.

This has the advantage that in days with very light winds you continue to sail
the boat without much drag in "non foiling mode" , which results in a very fast ride .

The giant Code Zero brings between 1-6 knots additional speed. So just as in "drag" condition where foils might effect disadvantages the 20 can foil very well from 7 knots of wind, setting a new speed level even with very light winds.

From Tornado we are used to the highest quality in boat building and Eagle Catamarans from Muhr makes no compromise. Everything is built from the finest carbon fiber source.

Very stable platform and a modern rig. A novel concept, meticulous workmanship, best materials, and cleverly arranged fittings plus trim options make the Eagle 20 HF one of the most exciting catamaran in its class.

Racers from all over Europe appreciate not only the outstanding speed potential but also the longevity and stability of all EAGLE catamarans.

Roland Gaebler

Prices & Specs
Eagle 20 HF carbon Hydrofoiler
Retail price  without tax and shipping  specifications 2015

- 1 Eagle 20 HF Carbon
Length: 6,20 mtr
Width: 3,35 mtr
Mast length 10,50 mtr
Main sail incl. mast 22,00 qm
Jip pentex 5,00 qm
Weight incl. spi ready to race 155 kg

- Standard equipment:
Carbon Epoxy hulls foam sandwich construction
Carbon Mast
Carbon boom
Carbon beams
Carbon spreaders adjustable
Carbon rudderblades, with foils
Carbon dagger boards with foils
Carbon tiller
Carbon adjustable tiller extension
Carbon dolphin striker
Carbo harken autoratschet mainsheet 10:1
Harken hardwear
Mainsheet tapered 6-9 mm
Pentex main sail
Dyform shrouts 4mm
Double trapeze
Mesh trampoline
Price without tax 27 400,00 €

additional price black edition (Carbon visible) 2000.- €
additional price coloured hulls 500.- €

Spi Kit complete 33 sqm
Carbon spi boom
4 Carbo harken autoratschetblocks
Spi lines dyneema
Spi sheet dyneema light
with Spi snuffer soft system carbon
Price without tax 2 550,00 €

Jib with selftracking system from harken complete
Price without tax 1 800,00 €

Euro Trax with cradles
Price without tax 650,00 €

Cover stamoid
Price without tax 690,00 €

Version April 2015
All prices and technical specifications subject to change


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