Apr 22, 2015

Brian Lake Pro Kite Foils designed by Scott Graham (TNZ Design Team)

If you wanted to know, or at least see  little more of  what  Kite foilers are using, here you have a good look at Brian Lake's weapon. As I remarked today on the Eagle, I think we will see this type of foils refined for cats in the future, specially for personal foilers like Stunt 9
Here in BA I've published some shots of Gonza Costa Hoevel Kite foiling, Gonza has won the Formula WS Worlds past week and will aim now for the Kite Foil title. Gonza is foiling in 5knots with a similar board and a foil kite (no inflatable ribs)

Video shot and sent by Parker Shinn, I will contact them next week for more technical info, now back to cad & rendering.
"Hi, my name is Parker Shinn and I’m a big fan of your site!
I shot this video of my friend Bryan Lake who is one of the top kiteboarders in the world.

Bryan is riding a foil he made himself that was designed for him by Scott Graham who was the Designer/Hull & Appendages CFD for Emirates Team New Zealand.


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