Mar 13, 2015

Launching the Flying Phantom at BA

Another great day of foiling here in BA. 3 partners bought an FP, and the 3 of them got a perfect stable ride at first chance sailing on perfect 6-7knots? flat conditions with  No Outteridge , No Burling onboard. (For those still not getting that the FP foils alone in that condition, but always remember these boats, FP & F20, are not for rookies above 10knots)
We started the day looking for the mast, then sailed with Sergio a good Northerly with the As at 10AM, waiting for Gurvan & Alex to arrive with Ian, and Chino waiting for the call... to gear up a sail!

Both Gurvan & Alex worked whole day and we launched the FP at 6pm or later. Resulting in some Great rides  for the 3 owners. All crazy on how easy it was to helm the FP in those conditions. And the 3 of them confirmed what I told them from my Carnac 2014 experience.

More material & videos in coming days, more testing tomorrow, F20 included, today the 20 flew perfectly also with Juan & Nico. No match up due to the late launch.

Really an excellent day, all went perfect and I want to thanks Gurvan specially, he is a working machine beyond being one of the top riders world wide. Alex also worked hard to assemble the boat and was all smiles seeing the Argies joy in their faces after each ride. The long wait was worthy. Below very first rides for the 3 helms right after assembly

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