Feb 22, 2015

Nacra 20FCS: Stable Flight at BA , Feb 20, 2015.

Talking of subjectivity and opinions, on Friday I changed my mind over the Nacra 20 stable flight capabilities. Dead flat a la FP as I saw live at Carnac.
Perfect conditions of course here too, as the training days I filmed at the Eurocat, but an eye opener on how Nacra has not released yet a video showing what I filmed on these clips.

Today Fer van West  gave a Clinic with full house at our Club, and later many went out to sail on the 3 local 20s. 30knots GPS registered today with 3 persons onboard!

It is becoming clearer that purchase decision should be made on many factors including your crew weight in mind, plus the comments I've been making since day one on these production foiling boats on the critical customer service and delivery aspects.

Matchup still pending and I still think on crew weight & handling the FP might provide better control in higher winds and waves from what I've seen to date, but the Nacra 20 has shown, as you can clearly see in video above, how stable she can sail. Middle clip is from two first timer helms on the 20...
More info on Monday.

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