Feb 24, 2015

Nacra 20 FCS Clinic at BA: Ferdinand van West Interview

Image: MV / Catsailingnews - Racer & Designer makes the perfect combo. Like his mentor Pete Melvin Fer is an active sailor at the highest level of performance. With Gunnar Larsen they were crowned 2014 F18 World Champs plus a Course racing title  at Carnac Eurocat.
Fer was here in BA for 4 days for sailing , coaching and an open Clinic he gave for he local sailing community. Above his view on event plus the work & plans at Morrelli Melvin & Nacra.

For more technical insights check his past Q&A on the Nacra 20 FCS project at catsailingnews.com/2014/04/nacra-f20c-fcs-interview-with-ferdinand.html

Great having him, excellent attitude towards the rookies & experts alike.  He enjoys sailing as much as we do, and it shows... above Fer foiling in 5-6knots after a good day of  double handed Nacra 20 FCS.

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