Feb 9, 2015

F18 Class Newstletter #14: Argentina 2016 Worlds Dates confirmed

Dates for F18 Worlds 2016: October 28 - November 4, 2016, Yacht Club Argentino, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Original bid available here
International Formula 18 Catamaran Association
Newsletter No 14.

February 2015.

Council Members,
-Electronic Voting.
This is the first time that we have tried to gain all the opinions from a wide range of the Council We hope that it works and we hear from all of you before the end of the month. I am sure that you will let me know if there are any difficulties. I will analyse the voting and publish each NCA’s opinions in early March.

Class membership.
We need a massive onslaught onto raising Class membership. Some countries are doing this and doing it well, other countries are just starting with new membership. One or two who have lost members and have started the question, Why? The Netherlands have a new management team and are asking over 300 F18 sailor members past and present what they expect, how their Association can best represent their interests. I applaud this questionnaire. So I ask all NCA Committees to see what they can do to increase membership.

Website changes.
Please note suggested changes in the website, (DRAFT Marketing document attached prepared by
Jasper). We plan to move from sponsoring companies to an annual arrangement for advertising. We hope that this will bring in more money to the IF18CA, which I can assure you that is my continual quest. We will notify changes soon and seek companies worldwide to promote their products and services with us. It is important to continue to promote the IF18CA website, visitor numbers are good and increasing well since we started to work with Jasper. All companies seek to increase their “promotional spend” when circumstances are in their favour, with numbers increasing, and a great Worlds in prospect, we need to drive hard to promote our great Class. I receive criticism when I point out that F18 is not unique and cannot expect to avoid difficulties when many countries have been through, and some still are, their worst financial situation for decades. But the situation is getting better and we have to be dynamic in promoting our F18 Class and so support builders and sail makers, so more and more sailors will have the confidence to join us and order new equipment.

We are planning our Spring Range of clothing, I will be meeting the printer next Monday, so there is time to let me know your views. We have had some comments before, now is the time to let us know what you want to do, our printer is monitoring styles of casual clothing, but we need your F18 input. We plan to get the clothes printed and then we can post them to Holland and get Jasper to do the photographs, open air shots with boats !! As all things that we do, we hope that this will take us further and faster to achieve our goals. Council cannot get involved in every detail of style and colour of clothing, so please let us have volunteers, just three or four, then we can work together. My plan is simple, we need to get the www.merchanise.com “shop” to pay for all our promotional work. Simple !! It can be achieved if we all support. I stress again that:
  • F18 does not carry any stock.
  • F18 does not have any financial risk.
  • F18 can assure all sailor buyers that we only offer the best quality materials.
  • F18 does not pay for the secure financial website.
  • F18 does not have to handle and distribute worldwide at one constant price.
  • F18 receives cash promptly for our share of margins.
I have tried to find one, but there isn’t another company who can match the quality, price and service we get. Clothing not only brings much needed income into the Class, it shows commitment from owners and promotes the Class throughout the world.

Worlds Kiel. Germany 2015.
All Council members will be well informed about progress for the Worlds. Olivier and I were in Dusseldorf recently with Jens, Kai and Sonke to finalise as much planning as we could. All seems to going well, NoR is complete and Wildcards established. Would all Members of Council be clear with the dates detailed in the NoR for their members. We look forward to another great event, and thank our German colleagues for all the work.

Europeans Brest 2016.
Olivier and I were recently in Brest at the request of their members. They are creating a full Organising Committee in the near future and all looks well for another great regatta. We inspected all the facilities at the Club and were delighted to meet their team and we thank them for their hospitality. I attach the minutes of the meeting.

Worlds Argentina 2016.
We are working with Freya Mors of the YACHT CLUB ARGENTINO and the
ASOCIACIÓN FÓRMULA F-18 ARGENTINA. The following schedule has been suggested. Can I please receive any comments, I will write the formal letter to the Yacht Club Argentino








For information for Council, I attach the proposal that the Club sent to us for the Worlds 2015.(put back one year by Council)

Coaching funds.
All Council members will have seen in the budgets money for coaching. Last year we spent just 600 Euros as we weren’t asked for any more despite mentioning it more than once. What we need is simple, what coaching an NCA would you like to arrange, where, when and name of lead coach. ( NCA’s gave us a list of their chosen coaches). When all the coaching has taken place, a brief report and then we can fund at 300 Euros per day. Germany were the only NCA that took advantage of this in 2014. 300 Euros a day is a real contribution to the costs. We can only work on a first come, first served basis, as trying to decide which application is of greater merit would be complex and potentially unfair.

NCA regattas for website.
This year the response has been far better and thanks to all the NCA’s that have supplied information, we look forward to more information coming in as NCA’s complete their 2015 regatta programmes.
F18 Flags.
A little while ago, I asked NCA’s about F18 flags. I am still chasing to find the stock that we have. Those NCA’s that asked for some flags have not been forgotten, I will get answers as soon as I receive the information.
Sail Makers Declaration.
This is the time of the year that many new sails are being delivered. Can I remind all sailors and especially sail makers that a Declaration IS required as stated in F18 Rule G.2.2 b.