Jan 16, 2015

Stunt 9 Foiler: Production Series is On

With further developments on its foils the Stunt 9 conceived, designed and produced by Michele Petrucci is finally in production series stage. Michele went for an hybrid solution to optimize foiling, Moth style X2. After seeing Moth Worlds carnage Michele affirms his boat is safer based on "the S9 been designed with a barycentre mass quite backwards, along the position of the crew.  In case of loss of lift in the main foil and the weight of the crew  '80% on the rudders, the S9 will fall into the water in a horizontal line, in the majority of cases, this makes the S9 safer."
Below some updates from Michele. Contact him at 12piedi (at) gmail.com

Project backlog at Stunt 9 label catsailingnews.com/search/label/Stunt%209
Michele Petrucci: "We started production of the S9 series, the whole foil kit has been redesigned.
All profiles, structures, mechanisms have been improved, this enable us to increase performance, flight stability, facility of use, but also more security for the crew.

"Safety" has always been a very important issue for me, in fact, the S9 has been designed without thinking of the maximum performance because in foiling the speed is always high, for us the most interesting aspects are: Simplicity, ease of use, safety, and fun fun fun, in the end a a Flying Cat for everyone.
That final goal is the reason we required more time than imagined at the beginning.

We have worked much also on aesthetics of the boat in collaboration with FWD WIP, many tests in water have been carried out by the French team (YESSERVICE) and many new crews French, but more time was devoted to the design of the new kit foil to make this more performing and with an easier setting.

We are confident that the project S9 was born on strong bases that will enable us to easily evolve in the future with much more fun, but remember, the foiling is always evolving, it is a new discipline, there is always more to learn and understand, even for designers and manufacturers." --------