Jan 13, 2015

Moth Worlds 2015: No racing for Day 3 & 4

Image Thierry Martinez / Sea&Co . Lack of wind for day 3 and too much for the 4th one. - The feedback I got from Andrew Landenberger from Isla Morada A-Class Worlds 2012 pre Hurricane wind conditions was that they end racing in 32knots:
"I think in Florida the top of the wind range was 35 knots and we sailed one race with regular gusts of of 32 knots. Those behind did cartwheel on that day and I won that race. 

I think the advantage of the A over the Moth is that we can still slow down and sail safe if necessary.

That option in the Moth is not really there any more as once they are up then the speed is high even at the lower end of their range.  Even with the new foiling A's we still can depower the boards by lifting one or both so we should always manage to get home safely..."

He also commented he had never capsized while racing the As, but current transition foiling development might change that eventually. Meanwhile designers/builders and top riders continue the search for more stable A flights. 

Moths refined foiling development still has not provided perfect control in the breeze either as seen in Day 2, even for the top riders.
In the end in both Classes it is a sailor's decision to go out after if the race officer calls the fleet out to race on a day you consider out of your league.

Moth Worlds Day 3 Video: Many floating and a few foiling in race 7
Day 4 full Report at official web mothworlds.org/sorrento/racing-abandoned-day-4-mcdougall-mcconaghy-2015-moth-worlds/ :
“To be honest, I just wake up every morning and make the best of it. I can’t control the weather,” said McKnight, the 2012 world champion. “I wish we could have stayed out this afternoon. It was 18-20 knots, sailable, but a big sea. It would have been fun though.”

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