Jan 11, 2015

Moth Worlds 2015: Day 2 Wrap-up Video

As Arno Terra pointed me out today, super developed airborne control for the Moths is still not avoiding hard pitchs. We'll see where A-Class development reachs regarding control, in the meantime and before full foiling, winglets already added safer rides in +18-20knots. 
I need to check pre Hurricane wind race  ranges again from Isla Morada A Worlds 2012.

With current A flying devel pre Z boards from Dna/Exploder foiling is still lateral unstable and pretty safe on digging the bow on the simple fact 4 foils are lifting you/bow up.

But I still have to gather feedback on latest foils devel and if frontal pitchs were reduced even further.

Some local guys in Arg are forming a Moth fleet, the feedback I got from them today is that Moths are tough and can stand capsizes without much or any breaking equipment.

Photo above: Franco Greggi who is leading the pack and organizing the fleet and Yago Lange today at Mar del Plata training for a first event with 4 boats. Yago is already competing against Burling & Outteridge in the 49er Olympic fleetwith his brother Klaus, he is starting to sail As, and now Moths, lets see if the kid can follow these two monster sailors career...

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