Jan 22, 2015

F18 Worlds 2015 @Kiel: Charter boats available

Image: Jasper van Staveren - Good move from  Nacra, as they have made arrangements with local German dealer to offer Infusions MKII to charter. Price is 2750euros. 4 Boats initially available. Details at http://www.f18-international.org/2015/01/first-charters-available-for-f18-worlds.html

Last week I contacted Brett Goodall for C2 charters for an Arg crew, as the Goodalls are always trying to provide alternatives like in LA and Ireland last year, but 'sadly' he told me no C2 will be available this year for Kiel as he has sold the entire C2 production till July. Good news for Goodall Design and specially for the F18 Class , building momentum again.