Jan 9, 2015

Christophe Launay: Year in Review

Having this kind of feedback from top Photographers like Christophe Launay is quite Nice as you have little others (1) complaining on the exposure I gave them on csn.

The rule of thumb I've seen through these years is that those Pro Photographers sharing their material (sometimes without any contract behind) are finally the most successful, and go figure but they usually have the best quality material. 

I'm quite lucky on having him and others making their images available to enjoy. Thanks to you Christophe for the great material during all these year, keep them coming.
Next week best 2014 images Portfolio from Christophe. 
Check his website at www.sealaunay.com

"Hi Martin,
I made a little video/slide show for saying thanks to you and other people who's has been helping me out for years and as well to wish best health , happiness and safe sailing to all.
I hope you will enjoy it and you can share it!"