Jan 4, 2015

A-Class 2015 Australian Nats: Practice Races

I published a practice day report by Tracey Johnstone at the IACA web.
I read somewhere that there was little foiling at Bodeaux? There was lots of foiling in the Europeans, Ashby, Waterhouse, Brewin, Caviezel, PJ, Arno, saw Presti and many others.

The interesting stuff on this Aus Nats will be seeing if the the post development to be used: DNA 'L' rudders with Bordeaux used 'Z' boards by Ashby and the the two new boards Exploder versions, a 'Z' plus an quite interesting concept in my view that is the J/Z hybrid along 2013 Dna Js and 2014 Exploder Js.

This together with some tuning of floater platforms like Thomas Paasch successfully did with his own Nikita in Europe. 
Brewin is favorite and he will be doing the Moths Worlds too,   check how he pretend to accomplish these two wvents plus practice races results and comments from the sailors by Tracey Johnstone at http://www.a-cat.org/?q=node/501

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