Dec 30, 2014

McDougall + McConaghy Moth Worlds 2015 @Sorrento, Australia: Peyron, Ashby, Outteridge, Barker, Slingby, Draper, Tuke , Burling + 157 Entries

Same AC sailors lineup as Takapuna 2014 A-Class Worlds plus Draper, Presti, May and others. This might be the biggest gather of sailing talent ever?

Peyron commented in his CSN interview that he prefered Moths over flying As to train/gain feedback for incoming AC. I would attempt to differ with him in the sense current As are more tricky to fly thus more can be learned on actual two hull foiling platforms. 

Moths have all flying aspects resolved, once the technique and controls learned there is not 'much' to discover, better put: to invent right now.  Check Nathan & Beau Outteridge Moth excellent tutorial Series here.
With current A-Class status several builder & sailor  camps are refining and developing equipment and sailing techniques almost weekly.

Remember that racing flying cats were conceived in the C-Class (Steve Killing) & A-Class (Fischer Mayfly) way earlier than past Americas Cup foiling AC72s, both were not successful projects but surely set grounds in the multihull course racing foiling arena.

On the  Moth Worlds Nathan Outteridge is 2014 defending Champ, along Moth specialists like  Gulari and others I see Nathan's  fellow 49er sailors Tuke & Burling going for the top spots as they did at Takapuna  A-Cat Worlds ending 2nd & 3rd behind Ashby that might apply his Alien A-cat superiority (floating & flying)  to put some pressure to the favorites-

Schedule: Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club, Victoria, Australia - January 6th to 16th. 
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