Dec 26, 2014

Moth vs Flying A: Launching

Nathan & Beau Outteridge have done a great series on the Moth basics, you can watch all clips Here --
2015 Worlds going to be held at Sorrento, Australia Official Link at , Nathan & Ashby will be attending.
Some discussion arise when people ask me here about Moths. The first thing to say : Moths are the perfect flying machine right now. So the talks go more to the practicity to sail it in our shallow shores and the handling.

Nathan is walking to shoulder depth in this video, yesterday we went for good A session with really low tide and I walk to ankle depth once reaching water line as the A with foils and rudders up floats and navigate in not much deep.With my Formula WS board (70cm fin) I need to walk farther of course.

Some relaxed sail and we were ready to setup foils and rudders, and start enjoying an 8-9 breeze with enough pressure to force some bumpy airtime and aiming to get some long runs in that light breeze with 2014 Exploder Js & 80cm T rudders.
With more practice and little more tuning with this specific equipment we will get there, on own experience and feedback from Jason and others.

But I still have stamped in my brains Nathan's rides from Takapuna in the lightest of breezes, he was using a

different J version we are using here.
In any case Jakub has two new versions since Bordeaux, and we will get the J/Z Hybrid later. DNA have their original proven Z and I think it will be possible to foil steady in this conditions as reported by many.

In then end beyond any racing I want to be able to steady easy foil in 8knots. so if any of current new devels are not up to the task I will ask Jakub a pair of 'Takapuna' foils!

Going back to Moths, they will surely fly as we all know in 8knots, local guys told me 6knots and they are going. But at least to me the A has much better appeal in the whole package, and both boats have their specific audience and targeted sailors. The As are a pleasure to sail in floating mode too.

To start, and mainly on our local shallow coast they lost me at the launch, same for any local sailor in our North coast of BA. Local Port is the only place you can launch directly from the deck/ramp.

I really like Moths and been publishing them for a while, this is just feedback for those wondering the implications of both alternatives. Launching goes to As, stable flying, wind range and final speed right now goes to Moths, although at current devel rythm the Cat might catchup in the future.