Nov 21, 2014

St Barth Catacup 2014: Day 2

All Images St Barth Catacup / Pierrick Contin - Day 2 for this new edition with Morgan Lagraviere & Arnaud Jarlegan winning the day. Nice to see Luca Fillippi and his Banga F18 racing at St Barth. The idea is next year to finally go to the Island and take our own new F18, we will change our local schedule though as this same weekend we are racing the Arg F18  Nats.

Friday Allianz St barth Assurance Prix:
1- FRA 124 (Architectonik) Morgan Lagravière et Arnaud Jarlegan
2- AUS (ODP1) Franck Cammas et Matthieu Vandame
3- 17 (Nikki Beach) Billy Besson et Marie Riou
4- FRA 007 (ODP2) Erik Maris et Jean-Christophe Mourniac
5- FRA 121 (Côté Port) James Baeckler et Benjamin Amiot

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