Nov 18, 2014

Saint Barth CataCup 2014: November 19-23

7th Edition of the St Barth Catacpup will start tomorrow and Pierrick Contin is already there to supply the usual top notch material from Paradise. Besson & Cammas will be racing this edition. More info at - 2013 Edition was won by Cammas-Vandame on a Cirrus R.

Check below the excellent videos from Easy Ride Videos by Manu Duclos. His shots are cinematographic style and super steady. With the personal experience and seeing some Vid Pros struggling at Carnac this year plus some researching I've been doing past weeks to invest in a video camera, and I can tell you it is not 'easy'  nor cheap to achieve this level & quality filming from a rib/boat, some of best beachcat / F18 video shots ever, if not the bests.