Nov 17, 2014

Perfect Shot by Pierrick Contin

Image by Pierrick Contin above is one of the best captured technical images I've seen so far of a foiling cat. Benjamin Lamotte & 15yrs old Arthur Boc-ho at St Malo. More at FP FB.
Pierrick is currently at St Barts Catacup, event he helped to become what it is today when he started sending material some years ago, not many knew of this event beyond the French F18 Fleet, until he started spreading the 'word'. I met Pierrick at Carnac in May, and it was a pleasure to learn some photography tips directly from a Master Pro.

Stay tuned coming days for his pics from Paradise.
Contin also has submitted another FP great puc to the Mirabaud Yachting Image of the Year:

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