Nov 19, 2014

New 20' Foiler from New Zealand

Today I was writing about custom projects and the great info available nowadays when Bruce Beca from Fast Fibres ltd , located in New Zealand saw the previous Open project post and sent his own 20' Foiling custom machine. He also commented he was able to use CSN as one of his sources for his new project. 
Happy to help in any way to new boat builds. The platform and hulls look good, in the same converging line I remarked in previous post.
Details on the 20' Foiler by Bruce Beca / Fast Fibres New Zealand: "I just read

your post about your design work and progression, Its of interest to me cause I'm currently designing a cat for home builders.

My plans are to build the prototype early next year (frames and strong back already to go!) I have stock piled the materials (as I am in the business anyway) and lined up the time and funds to get the work done.

It’s a bit Team NZ like in that there is good reserves up front but the overall balance designed to sail fast also on conventional foils as here in Tauranga NZ the harbour has shallow in places and I have to be able to foot it against some top Tornado sailors.

It is 20 foot 6.1m platform, core is going to be 80 Kg vertical strip planked (easier to heat bend than 100 Kg)  Outer skin will be 200 gm carbon and a 140 glass for added durability ,  Inner skin 155 gm carbon with patching locally about bulkhead

Also we built are building 2 beautiful F32srxc that went to Australia.
Also I’m currently building the bodywork for a 300 Mile/hr Bonneville streamliner car, so pretty interesting stuff."

You can contact Bruce at:
brucebeca gmail com
Fast Fibres Ltd

32 Townhead Crs
Tauranga 3110

MOB: +64 (0)22 0123 223
PH: +64 7 5718270

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