Nov 11, 2014

ISAF Youth Multi: SL16 confirmed for 2017

The current Youth Multihull , the Sirena SL16, was confirmed for 2017 Youth Worlds. In May 2015 the recommendation for the Nacra 15 will be addressed once more for a possible 2018 change.

ISAF Council has agreed on the following events for the 2017 ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship:

- Boy's One Person Dinghy - Laser Radial
- Girl's One Person Dinghy - Laser Radial
- Boy's Two Person Dinghy - 420
- Girl's Two Person Dinghy - 420
- Boy's Windsurfer - RS:X with 8.5 sail
- Girl's Windsurfer - RS:X with 8.5 sail
- Open multihull - Sirena SL16
- Boy's Skiff - 29er
- Girl's Skiff - 29er

Lets recap: For cost & wide use you already have the H16 & SL16, if you want performance path for the Nacra 17, you have the best combo on the Formula 16, as there is no need to go buying a dedicated brand as many NAs in USA, Europe and Asia already have F16s at disposal.

Yet a new Class is re inventing the wheel, when several NAs and even Nacra were already pushing the F16 for Youths performance racing.

The  Nr 1 Youth performer that has achieved top Olympic campaign  & A-Class level is Jason Waterhouse. And he reached current performance sailing Hobie 16 as a kid, then F16, F18 towards Nacra 17 and the As: .

So who really needs another invented Class for the youths...?