Nov 5, 2014

F18: Goodall Design Pre Season Deals for November

Image: F18 Worlds 2014 by Jasper van Staveren. - Nice deal by Goodall design in Europe for C2 F18s. 16,830Euros (Ex vat) . With better costs against new expensive flying carbon machines the F18 Class will get stronger.

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F18s prices must get real again, last year I got several quotes for the Arg guys travelling to Grossetto, and it was around 20,000 ex tax , with some good offers from Cirrus and Hobie.

With Goodall, Nacra, Cirrus building in Thailand, to reduce production costs mainly , it is time for F18s sailors to get good prices once more. Now we a have a excellent opportunity to set the F18 as performance & cost wise. The F18 literally can be sailed by any level of sailors in the right conditions to start.

Rock solid super stable in light winds, providing 1 hull flying fun conds in 7-8knots with Spi. Plus a established Formula Racing Class across the entire Globe.

With the updated F18 OP design (new renders later this month) we will aim to reduce even further final costs. I'm working with top local sailors too on final development and details. The project build is scheduled to start in January in Europe. Might be ready for Kiel 2015 as proto and final goal BA 2016 Worlds. After the first builds / test hull plans will be released too.