Nov 24, 2014

F18 Arg Nats 2014: Cruz Gonzalez Smith & Mariano Heuser Champs

No racing today due to lightning storms and lack of wind so all stays a reported yesterday. After 8 races Cruz Gonzalez Smith & Mariano Heuser are crowned for the second time Argentine Champs.

Previous crown was in 2010. 3rd title for Mariano who won in 2009 with Miguel Saubidet.

2nd place for Pablo Volker & Esteban Daneri, & 3rd for Agustín Krevisky & Billy Lopez Segura.

In the end the F18 experts and recently crowned US Vice Champs got ahead the two former dinghy World Champs (Volker & Krevisky) confirming they are today the Nr1 F18 local and top 2 Continenal crew.

4th place Esteban Blando & Nico Cuagliotti scored yesterday 2,2,2, 1 but their four first results in light winds were too poor to aim higher.