Oct 22, 2014

Stunt 9: Final Foil Setup Vid

Best video so far for Michele Petrucci's Stunt 9 project.  This session might have some new riders, as Michele already showed us how stable his platform is in this vid catsailingnews.com/2014/02/stunt-9-by-michele-petrucci-flying-in.html.
But I'm also seeing some issues when overpowered or extra lift is generated, as the wands are left airborne without any effective action. Plus a windward heel too.

I've been sailing almost every day past week the Exploder 2014 A-Cat, and I'm able to get airborne in 8knots, though still much to go for stable long ride foiling in that wind. But I'm enjoying pretty much the whole process.

Seeing Ashby with the DNA, Sandro on the Scheurer and Jason with the Exploder live at Bordeaux was a blast on how stable they were flying, Jason was foiling rock solid in 12 knots , I followed him the entire lake lenght after racing, and got me convinced that was all about it, who needs more?

But not all sailors have the skills top A-Cat riders have, and some only want to have fun without racing at all.

For that target you have the Stunt 9, and I think an optimized 'wandless' system can be applied, taking account of the stable foiling mentioned above.

I'm maximizing my hours on the water with the A, although I have my own RC16 that I sail solo with spi, the A-Cat light handling and preparation needed cannot be surpassed, the Stunt 9 is on the same track and can even become the perfect solution for us Catsailing fanatics.

I will still push Michele to go for simpler foil system.
To contact Michele and for more info on the Stunt 9 check https://www.facebook.com/catamaran.stunt
Project log book here in CSN Stunt 9 label.