Sep 28, 2014

Racing the GC32

Flying the Phantom was a great experience. Being able to foil it super stable in 8 knots plus watching Bontemps-Amiot sailing/racing full throttle gave me a first hand looks on how well the TNZ foil systems works. With that experience behind I can imagine the power and drive the GC32 can provide.  I got the local guys going first for the F18 in 2006, then for the As, later for the Flying As, now the foiling FP & Nacras 20s are coming, and I'm already drilling their heads to charter one these weapons for next season...
Onboard Video and comments below sent by PJ Dwarshuis
"I got the opportunity to join some racing on the GC 32 event in Marseille.
Along my mate and Co-designer on our Gunboat G4 project , Rudo Enserink, we were invited to race with Team Magic Marine & Team Armin Strom.

We had a hell of ride . Really Good . The GC 32 class  was founded in 2013 by Laurent Lenne and Andrew MacPherson. It was initially received with some scepticism, but I can tell you first hand that after transforming this boat into a foiler , this class can become a hit.

The size is just big enough to get an ' AC experience ' for a fraction of the price .
The boats provide perfect handling , but they are still challenging and pretty affordable for private and sponsored teams

Probably the biggest bang for the buck .. besides an DNA A class off course ;-)

For Me and Rudo it was very useful to get the feel with a pretty big foiling cat, as we are working hard on our Gunboat G4 project , the first ' cruiser foiler'
The first boat is underway now at Holland Composites , and this will a bigger ' cruising brother ' of the GC 32.
It was good to see that the GC 32 felt really safe . A foiling A class is much more stressful i can tell you.

The GC 32 guys Laurent Lenne , Macca and new class manager christian Peer deserves a big thumbs up"

PJ //